• HJ Roundup: St. Paddy's Day

    St. Patrick's Day is this weekend - yes, already. Is it just me, or is St. Paddy's one of those "Class B" holidays that just sort of sneaks up on you? We celebrate at our house, for sure – corned beef and potatoes and Irish soda bread, and don't you dare get caught not wearing your green – but any other meaningful preparations tend to get lost in the wind.

    "Well, when it gets closer, I'll decorate a little," I tell myself. "I'll do some crafts with the kids, at least."

    Lies. All lies. And then before I know it, you're lucky if I've made time for us to get over to the city parade. Or even remembered that it's happening. #nailedit

    Be ye not like me! For both my sake and yours, I'm kicking off a new monthly HJ Roundup series where I'll gather up some great ideas and products and resources to make the most of the topic at hand. Today that topic is – you guessed it – St. Paddy's Day. Enjoy - and don't forget to wear something green (underwear totally doesn't count)!


    St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Cupcakes

    via Oh So Delicious


    • I have always wanted to make rainbow cupcakes, a la these cuties from Oh So Delicioso. Grab some belt-style candy like Airheads Xtreme Rainbow Berry flavor to form tiny 3D rainbows on top of regular old cupcakes (I won't tell if you just buy them at the store).
    • St. Paddy's isn't St. Paddy's without some traditional foods. Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, soda bread... my mouth is watering just thinking about it. If you're new to the tradition of Irish food, start off easy with some soda bread. My family traditionally makes the recipe found in Joy of Cooking (best cookbook ever), but Pinterest seems to have us covered pretty well with recipe possibilities.
    • Get some surprise smiles at suppertime by putting a couple drops of green food coloring into your kids' milk. My mom always did this for me on St. Patrick's Day when I was a kid, and now my little ones love it too. Tell them it's magic leprechaun milk, of course.


     St. Patrick's Day Mantel Display

    via Better Homes & Gardens


    • Create a gorgeous but simple mantel display by placing sprigs of seasonal greenery in assorted jars. Even better: It's generic enough to stay up through Easter in a few weeks. *cue the praise hands* Better Homes & Gardens has a few tips on how to replicate this idea and more in their slideshow of Easter decorations.
    • Temporarily replace some of your framed photos with some festive printable St. Patrick's Day art. Download a print for free at Home Beautifully or Paper Trail Design, or for a mere $5 from Printable Love Story's Etsy shop.
    • These 4-leaf clover balloon wands are so stinking cute. You can get the details and purchase the mini heart balloons at Oh Happy Day (one of my favorite places to shop for modern party supplies).


     St. Patrick's Day DIY Shamrock Wand

    via Rocket City Mom



    St. Patrick's Day Nails

    via @lacqaholic on Instagram


    • Nothing says festive like nails bedecked in green, gold glitter, and rainbows. Check out the #stpatricksdaynails hashtag on Instagram for some starter inspiration.
    • Do your best Irish jig or Riverdance impersonation in the comfort of your own home by streaming a great playlist. I love to set a playlist running in the house on the big day to get everyone feeling festive! This Spotify playlist with 618 songs should do the trick... or we might just ask our Alexa device to play some St. Patrick's Day music for us on Amazon Music and see what she comes up with.
    • Take in an Irish flick or stream a bunch of St. Patrick's Day TV episodes after the kids tuck in for the night. This list of movies (I loved Brooklyn; my husband is a die-hard Boondock Saints fan) and this roundup of tv show episodes (The Office and Cheers never fail to slay me) will get you started!