Coral Garden Medium Pouch
  • Coral Garden Medium Pouch
  • Coral Garden Medium Pouch
  • Coral Garden Medium Pouch

Coral Garden Medium Pouch

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The most perfect pouch for ALL THE THINGS.

Leaving the house. It seems so simple – grab the keys, the phone, the wallet, and go. But in reality, I’m always juggling about 10 different things I’ve grasped in my hands and folded under my arms that I pick up on the way out, having realized I needed them too.

Quick meeting? Gotta have the checkbook, something to take notes and those receipts that need reimbursement. Headed to the gym? Remember the earbuds, a granola bar and and the deodorant. Chance of staying overnight? Don’t forget the contacts case and medicine. Quick (LOL) errand with the baby? At least grab the pacifier and some snacks – just in case he gets grumpy or hungry in the next 10 minutes (which is only every single time).

I designed countless pouch prototypes with these exact types of moments in mind. A few notable things you can easily slide in an out of your Medium Pouch:

  • One or two Favorite Notebooks (check out coordinating options right here!)
  • A checkbook, bare or in a standard checkbook cover
  • Pens, pencils, crayons and a myriad of other office supplies
  • Most cell phones (even the big ones, like your iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy)
  • Coupons (even the big ones you printed off the internet)

Medium Pouches are the ideal size for keeping your must-haves pulled together at the ready, so you feel polished and prepped at least once in your day. So instead of crumpling the checkbook or your notes or your other take-alongs somewhere deep in the abyss of your bottomless bag, you can slide them right into your perfect pouch. Who has an extra 20 minutes hunting down that one thing you need – not to mention cleaning up after yourself, because you’ve now dumped out the entire contents of your crossbody and revealed just how impressive your collection of stale snacks and expired coupons really is?

  • 8" wide x 4-1/2" tall
  • High-quality, easy-slide gold zipper
  • Made with organic cotton sateen fabric for a soft, luxe feel
  • Fully lined in contrast fabric, with an inner pocket measuring 3-3/4" wide x 2-1/2" tall (the perfect size for easily sliding in a credit card or ID)
  • Designed and stitched in Huntsville, Alabama

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