Navy Favorite Notebook
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Navy Favorite Notebook

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You can’t pick a favorite child. But you can definitely pick a favorite notebook. And this is it.

I never think I’ll need a notebook, or something to write on. And then, bam - 17 times a day, I’m reminded that my lack of planning means scribbling illegible notes in unfortunate places. Things I should be doing scratched in the margins of agendas, grocery lists jotted on the back of old receipts, party ideas that I was sure I'd just hang onto in the back of my head, but which I undoubtedly forget until 11pm, and great, now I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about all the things I should’ve just written down when I thought of them in the first place.

Enter the Favorite Notebook. I developed these with a handful of requirements in mind, namely that they needed to be super pretty and exquisitely useful, all at once. Because just because your job never seems to end and your frazzled insides probably match your unkempt hair ( (I know mine does), that doesn’t mean you can't feel good about something as simple as a notebook. Even if what you're scratching down is more crap you've been signed up to do (that you're too nice to say no to) while secretly wishing the pen in your hand was actually a glass of wine.

The Favorite Notebook is perfectly portable, so it’s easy to make sure you always have one on hand, whether it be for meeting notes, Weekend Warrior household tasks, or that seemingly endless list of “things we need to pack for vacation” that you jot down while waiting in car line at school. It’s there for when your bored kid needs something to doodle in at the DMV. It’s there to kick things up at least one tiny notch when you somehow feel ill prepared that planning committee meeting. And it’s there when you realize the budget needs some adjusting if you’re ever going to make it to Cabo while you can still pull off a two-piece.

Get more than one… you’ll need it. 

  • 3-1/4" wide x 6-1/4" tall (which just-so-happens to fit perfectly inside of a Medium Pouch… check them out here!)
  • Full-color printed cover with contrast interior, including a spot for owner information on the inside front cover
  • Cover is laminated to prevent scratches when you inevitably lose this baby in the bottom of your bag
  • Rounded corners and stitched spine with 56 lined pages
  • Designed in Huntsville, Alabama and manufactured in the USA

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